Random Fan with DebraDML

Today’s post is a segment we like to call Random Fan and here are the rules:

Once a month Morgan and I will invite one of you to ask us three questions, but be prepared because we get to ask three of our own in return.

If you’d like to opt in, please leave a comment below and your name will be entered into consideration. January’s Random Fan will be chosen and contacted via email on December 10.

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This month’s Random Fan is DebraDML.  Many thanks to Debra for signing on for this experiment.  If you’d like to know more about Debra and her blog, be sure to visit Words Across The Oceans at http://debradml.com/

Debra:  You both have stories on the ‘Twilight Fan Fiction’ site, what is your opinion as writers sharing your stories via there?

Morgan & Jennifer: We’d never heard of Fan Fiction until late 2009, but the Twilight community was one that we immediately connected with.  Within six weeks of discovering Fan Fiction, Morgan began writing and posting a story of his own and recruited Jennifer as editor.  We only expected a handful of online acquaintances to read the story, but much to our surprise, it was well-received in the community. We always appreciated that people not only took the time to read the story, but took the time to submit reviews and feedback about it. We were able to interact with authors, editors, bloggers and readers at all levels and met so many wonderful people as a result. Posting Fan Fiction was a great way to learn how to write and develop the required discipline to transform an idea into a completed story. During the first two years we were involved in Fan Fiction, we were writing, editing and posting an average of 10,000 words a week.  Once we came through the end of that process (and took a few deep breaths), we felt wholly confident in our skills and our ability to work together as a writing team.


Morgan & Jennifer: What inspired you to take such an active role via your blog to promote up and coming authors and poets?

Debra: Hmmm it’s a bit of a story… I found Twitter after reading Sylvain Reynard’s books (Gabriel’s Inferno & Garbriels Rapture) and Googled him as I wanted to read more of his work! So through him I have found Twitter, Goodreads, Twilight Fan Fiction and peoples’ Blogs… and my world just kept opening up! In this past year I have been amazed by the tremendous amount of talented Authors and Poets that I have come across, especially ones whom are yet to be discovered!

An exceptional poet, Mr. Darwin Blake, inspired me a lot with his Blog, such wonderful magical words and I found myself starting to write Poetry again after 20+ years … and a friend Dana Marion, whom I’ve connected with through our love of SR’s Books via Twitter, gave me the courage to start a Blog!

So after starting my Blog and tapping back into my creative side I thought it was also a great way to help support and share my love of these amazing talented Authors and Poets that were yet to be discovered! 🙂

Morgan & Jennifer: You’ve shared some of your own poetry on your website, Words Across The Oceans.  Have you written any fiction or is poetry your true love?

Debra: No I never have dabbled in writing Fiction …only back in school! Poetry is definitely my true love, from a young age it touched me and evoked such emotions that wanting to write and express myself through poems has just been a natural process to me!

Debra: What do you think about Social Media as an avenue for getting independent writers out there?

Morgan & Jennifer: Social media is quite simply the biggest marketing tool out there for any endeavor. Whether it’s corporate advertising or promotion for independent writers, everyone is using social media.  For us, we’ve never written without relying on a strong connection to an online community. Given our rural location, it would be difficult for us to achieve a significant following without utilizing social media. It has been a critical component in our journey.

Having said that, we believe that social media must be maintained responsibly; it should never be used to hurt other people or perpetuate other kinds of negativity.  Unfortunately, that’s not a reality in the online world and it’s a real shame.  During our time online, we have witnessed cyber-bullying and have been on the receiving end of such attacks a time or two.  It’s inevitable that you will have to put up with it if you’re utilizing social media for the long run, but we guarantee it’s not a practice we tolerate.

Debra: If you could invite anyone famous over for dinner, who would you choose?

Morgan: Robert Zemeckis. One of the most interesting writers and directors I’ve ever seen. I would spend my time trying to charm my way into his next movie.

Jennifer:  I’m not sure I can zero in on just one person.  That’s a tough one. Whoever it is, they would have to be a true extrovert as I’m shy and find social engagements like that intimidating. Anyone I choose would have their work cut out for them.

cran hiding

Morgan & Jennifer: If you could travel back to any time in history, which era would you pick and why?

Debra: Wow this is a bit of a doozy … after just reading Kat Bastion’s Highlander series my immediate response is the 13th Centuary to the Scottish Highlands, Brodie Clan!!! Oh how I love a man in a kilt lol ;-P

But also I am a huge lover of Jane Austen’s works and am fascinated how her work has transcended over time… so I would love to be able to go back in time to her period in early 1800’s …meet her of course and experience what life was like back then… oh and maybe meet a Mr. Darcy lol

I also would like to take this opportunity say thank-you so much to you both for taking an interest in me and my blog, I am truly honoured! I have loved connecting with you both over this past year as you are both such inspiring people… not only with your amazing talented Fan Fiction stories but with all the love and support that you both spread daily! Hope to meet you both one day, it would be truly ‘Awesomesauce’ 😉 xox

Morgan & Jennifer: Thank you so much for participating in Random Fan, Deb. We’re very glad to have met you online and we’d love to visit your corner of the world sometime. You never know when our paths might cross in real life!

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  2. What a charming start to your blog!


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