Jennifer Reviews: Little Drummer Boy by Sydney Logan

little drummer boy


A holiday short story by Amazon bestselling author Sydney Logan.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Justin Banks is on the hunt for a last-minute gift for his wife, Megan. With the help of a homeless man and the beat of a drum, Justin stumbles upon the one thing Megan has always wanted. The one thing money can’t buy.

It’s amazing what we can hear if we just take a moment and really listen.

My Review:

This short story begins amidst the tiring hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve, a time when many of us are so focused on the quest of finding the right gift for our loved ones that we forget the intended meaning behind the gift exchange.  We’re consumed with dinner plans, wrapping presents, preparing our homes for guests and running from one social engagement to another.  By the end of the holiday season, most of us are more than ready to leave it all behind and move on to making our New Year’s Resolutions, many of which I’m guessing involve making the holidays more simple going forward.  Yet somehow, we find ourselves repeating the cycle year after year.

Justin Banks finds himself in this mode when his mission is interrupted by a man on the street.

“Do you hear drums?”

I turn and find myself face-to-face with  a man. Homeless, I assume from his appearance. He’s dressed in a tattered coat and looks desperately in need of a bath. I try not to cringe as he tugs on my designer suit.

“The drums,” he says again, his voice forceful.  “Do you hear them?”

Although Justin is inclined to ignore the request, the man is so insistent that he relents and pauses to listen.  He is surprised when he realizes that the homeless man is right. Somewhere nearby the sound of drums can be heard.

“Intrigued, I step away from the old man and walk slowly toward the alley. Each step brings me closer to the beat, until finally, I see a little boy, nestled in the corner. His only light comes from a lantern, and a snare drum rests in his lap. The drum is scarred and the strap is frayed, but it’s obviously his most prized possession.

 Probably his only possession.

 Does he live here? In this filthy alley? And where are his parents?

 “Shall I play for you?”

 His voice is just a whisper. His clothes are dirty and ragged, and the faded blue jacket he wears is about three sizes too big.

 “I heard you playing,” I tell him, keeping my voice soft and light. The last thing I want to do is scare the kid. “You’re very good. Are you alone?”

 He nods.

 “Where are your parents?”

 His face contorts in pain, and my stomach lurches. He can’t be more than five years old. Maybe six.

 “Shall I play for you?” he asks again. A little stronger this time. A little more determined.

 Because I don’t know what else to do, I nod. The covered alleyway has thankfully kept most of the snow away, so I find a flattened section of shredded cardboard and sit down. I don’t think about the fact that I’m probably ruining my thousand-dollar suit. I just sit and listen.

The boy’s sticks pound the head of the drum.

Rum pum pum pum.

Rum pum pum pum.

Each rhythmic thump pierces my soul, and when he comes to the end of his song, I reach inside my jacket for my wallet.

“No, sir,” he says softly. “I don’t need your money.”

To reveal much more than this would likely ruin what I promise is an uplifting and heartwarming reading experience, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I gave this story a five star rating on my Goodreads page without hesitation. I knew at once I’d found a worthy gift  for my friends and family this holiday season.  The Little Drummer Boy is a moving and compassionate piece which perfectly captures how hope, love and compassion can change not only the recipient’s life but the benefactor’s as well.

I highly recommend that you take the time to read this and then pass it along to others as a gift.  You can find The Littler Drummer Boy on amazon:

Many thanks to Sydney Logan for writing and sharing this holiday short.  It is the perfect reminder of what this time of year should really be all about.

Take Care,



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