Pop Talk: December 2013


Hello all and welcome to our second installment of Pop Talk.

This monthwill have a bit of a year-end wrap-up, sprinkled with some current favorites:

Chapter One:  YA Books prove that you don’t need sex to sell.

Channel Two:  Goodbye to The Goldbergs.

Verse Three:  It’s about time to get on board with AWOLNATION and Imagine Dragons.

Level Four:  Everything Lego!

Reel Five:  The Conjuring on DVD, (Is Ron Livingston the new ‘everyman?’)

Chapter One:

I read and loved the Harry Potter series.  It was written for Young Adults, but quickly proved to be a transcending story for all ages.  (I remember the first movie being compared to the Wizzard of Oz by the late Roger Ebert).  I have discovered that most YA books are extremely well-written and have a gritty realism despite any paranormal plot points.  In our recent Locklear Library post, Jennifer and I discussed Eleanor and Park, and it’s just another example of how YA books showcase wicked humor and palpable emotion in a tight bundle of pulp perfection.

As Hunger Games continues to do will at the box office, and Insurgent makes it’s screen debut soon, it’s easy to tell that I am not alone in my thinking.  Just because a book is written for a younger audience doesn’t mean that it’s exclusive to them.  Just watch any Pixar Movie and you’ll see that kids do not have all the fun.

Next month I’ll talk about Men’s adventure books and their place on my shelf, but for now it’s all about the YA novels!

Channel Two:

I hate Duck Dynasty. (and yes, I have watched it).  It has nothing to do with the latest controversy, it’s just stupid rich guys acting…stupid.  This obsession we have with redneck TV is exactly what’s wrong with America and guess what?  We export that crap so now that’s what EVERYBODY thinks of America.  And what the HELL is that show doing on A&E?

Okay, rant over…now about good TV…I have really been enjoying Boardwalk Empire on HBO.  It’s about Atlantic City in the 1920’s and stars the fantastic and funny lookin’ Steve Buscemi.  It’s a great historical romp through Prohibition times and it’s as riveting with it’s many sub plots as it is with the main story line.  It may not be as flashy as Game of Thrones, but it has at least as many boobs. (Ha! So I guess it IS “flashy”).

Has anyone else noticed that Mike and Molly is pushing the physical humor with Melissa McCarthy?  She’s hot off her Emmy win and it seems like the writers want to take mor e advantage of her goofy side.  It’s Mike’s Mom (played flawlessly by Rondi Reed) that keeps me tuned in but Melissa has been given some slapstick business that she handles as well as Ellen DeGeneres did when she had a sit-com.

Verse three:

If you haven’t heard of Imagine Dragons yet it’s just because your radio station doesn’t announce the names of all the songs they play.  These Vegas newcomers released their debut album, Night Visions in late 2012 and have owned the charts this year with one hit single after another.

In March of 2010, AWOLATION released the debut album Magnetic Symphony and has been making waves for almost three years now.  Most people know only the song, Sail, “Blame it on my ADD baby…” but it’s filled with raw yet worthy offerings.  Neither AWOLNATION nor Imagine Dragons have any duds on their inaugural albums and I write to their CD’s all the time while I wait for more music from these two great new groups.

Level Four:

Just like how YA books aren’t necessarily for the youth, Lego games aren’t just for kids either.  They explore and poke fun at great franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.  They aren’t very difficult but even if you get stuck, you can just have your kid help you out.  As a fan of any of these series, you will enjoy the Lego take on your favorite characters and situations.  They are as funny as anything I’ve ever seen and I’m just waiting for them to do a Back to the Future game.

Reel Five:

There are many myths in Hollywood and now there’s a new one.  Apparently, the table read for Anchorman 2 was so funny that they weren’t able to continue straight through.  It is rumored that they had to take several breaks to get the room back in order and now we all have a chance to see what all the fuss was about.  It should also be noted that when it is released on DVD it will include an alternate cut of some scenes and boasts over 300 new jokes.

Something on DVD right now is The Conjuring.  It’s not a horror movie; it’s a suspense movie and has for more in common with The Sixth Sense than Cabin in the Woods.  Ron Livingston, who has a career resume as big as Santa’s bag is the perfect father figure for this thriller based on true events.  I highly recommend it as a superior drama that has no blood, but will make yours run cold.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Your Pal,



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