Random Fan with Daisy Prescott

Today’s post is a segment we like to call Random Fan and here are the rules:

Once a month Morgan and I will invite one of you to ask us three questions, but be prepared because we get to ask three of our own in return.

If you’d like to opt in, please leave a comment below and your name will be entered into consideration.

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This month’s Random Fan is Daisy Prescott, author of Geoducks Are For Lovers and Ready to Fall.  Many thanks to Daisy for signing on for this experiment.  If you’d like to know more about Daisy and her novels, be sure to visit her website: http://daisyprescott.com/

geoducksReady To Fall

Morgan and Jennifer: We first met John Day in Geoducks Are For Lovers and then saw his story more fully explored in Ready to Fall. We’re curious to know if you had a thing for lumberjacks before writing your first book or was that something you discovered in the process of writing the story?

Daisy Prescott: Can I plead the Fifth? I’ve always loved the Monty Python song, but not sure if I have a fetish for lumberjacks. I think I have a thing for real men of the Pacific Northwest. It’s no secret that I lived on Whidbey and have spent time in the area my entire life.  I’ve met real-life loggers, but none of them hold a candle to John Day.

John’s story surprised me. He had such a small supporting role in Geoducks. When I read through his parts in Geoducks before starting to write Ready to Fall, I was surprised how little we knew about him other than the plaid shirt,  his logging job, and Quinn’s “Paul Bunyan” nickname. Yet readers loved him and begged for more. I read a lot about modern logging, forestry majors to make sure I got that stuff right, even if you don’t see it on the page.

I know I’m not the only one who has a thing for a rugged, bearded, alpha male in flannel.


Daisy Prescott: When writing “steamy times”, do you do personal research? lol I ask because Ready to Fall is all in John’s POV.  My husband was a much appreciated research consultant on the book. 😉

*The Locklear’s glance surreptitiously at one another*

Morgan: For the most part…no.  Although that’s not to say that working on a love scene hasn’t brought about an inspirational moment or two.

Jennifer: Let us just say that it usually becomes obvious to one partner when the other has been working on a particularly amorous chapter.

writing sex

Morgan and Jennifer: Would you ever consider collaborating on a writing project with someone else? Or do you prefer to go solo?

Daisy Prescott: I came really close to co-writing a project with another author recently. Our schedules didn’t work out, but I’m open to the idea. My husband has been a part of my plotting sessions on all my writing projects. I love his input and couldn’t have done John’s story in male POV without it. Even if I’m writing solo, it’s a collaborative endeavor from plotting to working with beta readers. Each reader or editor leaves a mark on the story.

Daisy Prescott: As co-writers, what is your writing process? Do you plot or pants?

Morgan and Jennifer:  That really depends on the story.  So far, plot ideas have been either Morgan’s or Jennifer’s and not the result of brainstorming together. We do outline to a certain extent, but we also like to allow enough room for the characters to have their say. Sometimes, they take us on a journey we weren’t expecting to go on.

Once an idea has been brought forward, that person decides what kind of help or input they want from the partner. Sometimes one writes, while the other edits. Sometimes we write together. When that happens, we discuss scenes or chapters before writing and determine which one of us is more excited about tackling a particular portion of a story. The first draft is always written by one of us, and then we’ll go through that draft together to figure out what things could be added or amended.  The second person will then take their pass at it, and then we’ll meet up again for a second edit.

chapter one

Morgan and Jennifer: If you could live in any city for a year to research a setting, which one would it be? And what kind of book would you write as a result?

Daisy Prescott: Great question. For me it is impossible to write about a place I’ve never been. I need to know how it sounds and smells—things you can’t get from Google Maps. Luckily I’ve been blessed to travel. My next book takes place away from the familiar beaches and towns of Whidbey Island. Right now it takes place in three settings: Portland, Amsterdam and Ghana.

I’d love the chance to go back to Ghana for a year to live in the capitol of Accra and write. My husband and I visited there for a few weeks several years ago, so in addition to online research, I’ll be writing descriptions from memory. The book will be a contemporary adult romance with a few Out of Africa influences.


Daisy Prescott: Do you have a favorite genre to read/write that the other person dislikes? How do you balance that?

Morgan: I read a Men’s Adventure series called Death Lands.  I have since college, and Jennifer has never shown any interest in reading it. Even so, I know it has greatly influenced my own style of writing, including the more erotic scenes.  I think Jennifer reads more romance than I do, but I enjoy writing romance with her.

Jennifer: Reading is something we’ve both enjoyed since we began dating, so many times we do pass books back and forth to one another.  We also read several books together each year and I think this act helps to balance out our differences.

Morgan is right, I’ve never read one of his Death Lands books, and probably never will. It’s not an enticing idea to me.  Morgan also tends to read more reference books than I do, and I’m good with letting him summarize it all for me. I’m still recovering from my time in college (when I was buried in Accounting, Finance and Economics textbooks)and am mostly very content with losing myself in fiction.


Our thanks once again to Daisy for stopping by our blog.  If you’re looking for intelligent, witty and sweet romances set within the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, do yourself a huge favor and give Daisy’s novels a go.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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