Exposure Blog Tour: FicSisters – The International House of Fanfic



FicSisters are a group of dedicated readers of fanfiction and associated literature. Our friendship is so strong it spins across the world, netting at least three different continents – four, if you count the imaginary landmass where the sparkly vampires live.

Some of us have travelled very far to meet up in Real Life, and some may have intimated to SOs that we spend so much time online because we belong to an international book club. On one such occasion, somewhere in a haze of Pinot Grigio and fond memories, the idea for an International House of FanFic arose. No pancakes are served here; only luscious mounds of fluffy fiction and endless cups of Twific tea.

The FicSister thrill comes from the pleasure we feel in finding and sharing a fabulous fic, and knowing someone else is going to be touched by it too. We thrive on knowing that we can give a little bit back to the authors who share their words, by bringing them readers who may stay with them for years to come.

Website: http://ficsisters.com/

Twitter: @FicSisters

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ficsisters.house

We’ve been open about the fact that our roots as a writing team are well-established in the world of Twilight Fanfiction.  We were introduced to the community by an online acquaintance in late 2009, and six weeks later Morgan began posting his first story there.  We had no idea what we were jumping into, but we were quickly embraced by a supportive and enthusiastic community of readers, writers and beta readers.  In the years that followed, we’ve made countless friends from all over the globe and discovered what corner of the online world was truly ours to call home.

Yesterday, when we received word that the FicSisters had reviewed Exposure, we  were both excited and nervous.  FicSisters are in a unique position compared to other blogs.  They read the rawest rough draft of this story in 2012 and were able to compare that to the version now available as a novel. As previous readers of the earliest version and as members of a community that has come to mean so much to us personally, their opinion is a valued one.


Exposure, by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear, is a sweet, entertaining, love story, set against the backdrop of the everyday reality of shenanigans and backstabbing in the movie industry.

The story leads are Shaunna Noble: a top Hollywood publicist, and David Quinn: an actor whose star is shooting for outer space. Talking of outer space, that’s the setting for the blockbuster movie that bring our cast of characters together, pardon the pun. We discover that sometimes there is a much acting going on off set, as there is while the cameras are rolling. And, fans, the media, the stars, and their publicists, spin the truth so fast, it’s hard to know who is leading whom on.

David is sexy, romantic, and humble, a delicious combination in a man, while the lady he sets his cap to is Shaunna: feisty, on the shy side, and clever. Their getting-to-know-you phase is unconventional, to say the least, and it, combined with the sizzling passion, witty dialogue, and crazy Hollywood life, will keep you turning those pages.

Exposure is the perfect summer read!


We extend our gratitude to FicSisters for these lovely words.  Be sure to stop by their website or social media sites to keep up with their latest recommendations.  And please let them know we sent you their way!

You can now request a digital autograph for your ebook of Exposure by visiting the Authorgraph website. We’ve added a widget here on our blog page. Simply give it a click and it will take you right where you need to go.

Thanks and Take Care,

Morgan and Jennifer


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