Exposure Blog Tour: Bookish Temptations


Bookish Temptations:

I started this book blog because I have a passion for reading, and for those who write. I want to share that passion with people and I want to promote reading however I can.

I have 2 great passions in life. Travel and reading. I’ve been lucky enuff to have lived on both coasts, and visited a lot of places in between. Although I have lived in NC for 2o years now I will always consider San Francisco and the Bay Area to be home in my heart. I have Canadian roots via a beloved grandma, so I’ve been there too. I love all things French and British, and enjoyed my best vacay ever in France a few years ago.

I learned to read before I went to school, and I read fast. I consider that to be both a blessing and a curse. I was one of those children forever getting caught reading in bed when I was supposed to be sleeping. I read every day. Period. I like genres of all kinds, but my faves are Romance, Erotica, Paranormal/Fantasy. I have a special place in my heart for several books/series and the authors who gave us such fabulous reads. These include Gabriel’s Inferno, The Fifty series, Outlander series, Fever series, and Twilight series. I enjoy YA as well.

As I said I love erotica, but only if it’s written well. Also, I actually like it when authors make me wait for it awhile. Give me lots of long, slow, passionate kisses, and make me burn 1st. What can make or break a great read for me is this. I want UST, love, loss/sacrifice, and redemption. Don’t give me a happy ending unless the characters earned it. And, I want strong, defined characters. If they’re wishy washy I won’t love them. Finally, I prefer very descriptive writing, but don’t overwhelm me with it. In all things balance is good.

Website: http://bookishtemptations.com/

Twitter: @BookTemptations

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bookish-Temptations/255688624600424

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/6843950-bookish-temptations


It’s no secret that we have a long-standing affiliation with Bookish Temptations.  Morgan posts a monthly column and I have interviewed and reviewed authors there.  Because of our relationship with the site, we know their standards are high. We’re so eager to see what they have to say about Exposure today.  For many reasons, it would mean a lot to us personally if our book is well-received at BT. Be sure to stop by the site and say hello.


If you haven’t given our facebook page a Like, we encourage you to do so.  We’re hosting a 1,000 Likes contest there and as soon as we hit that milestone, one lucky winner will receive a signed paperback of Exposure.  We’re closing in on 700 as I type this so we’re getting close to reaching that goal.

Thanks and Take Care,

Morgan & Jennifer




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