Random Fan with Sydney Logan

Sydney Logan

This month’s Random Fan is Sydney Logan. Sydney is a fellow author and we met her online a few years ago. Sydney has published several novels and is about release her latest, Soldier On.  The release day for her book is June 20, but you can pre-order a paperback now via Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Soldier-Sydney-Logan/dp/0692219242/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1402074379&sr=1-3&keywords=sydney+logan

Many thanks to Sydney for signing on for this experiment with us.

Sydney: Congrats on your debut novel! What is your favorite aspect of publishing so far? What causes you the most anxiety?

Morgan and Jennifer: Thank you, Sydney. For us, our favorite thing about publishing Exposure was the opportunity to improve the story through the editing process. When we submitted to Omnific, the publisher received our second draft of the manuscript. Even so, our editor encouraged us to explore avenues we had initially hesitated to pursue. Although the editing process had its challenges, we knew the story was benefiting as a result.

The biggest anxiety we had to deal with was the waiting period between having our book accepted for publication and the release of the novel. We knew we had a fun story that people would enjoy, and it’s a real joy being able to share it with everyone now.

Morgan and Jennifer: Your latest novel, Soldier On, is scheduled for release on June 20. Can you tell us a bit about the story? What was your inspiration in writing it?

Sydney: Soldier On is about a college senior named Steph who lost her dad in Desert Storm. Because she never met her father, she’s always had a sort of irrational hatred for anything military related. She’s very focused on school. No dating. No partying. She’s just focused on graduation and getting her teaching degree. She meets Brandon at a New Year’s Eve costume party, and even though he’s dressed up as a soldier, she’s instantly attracted to him. Of course, she finds out later that his disguise is more than just a random costume, so Steph has to come to terms with the fact that she’s fallen in love with a soldier. Brandon is focused on graduation, too, but for entirely different reasons. His dad is a retired major general, and Brandon has always been expected to follow in his father’s military footsteps. Now that Brandon’s dad suffers from dementia, he is even more determined to please his father. But now that he’s met Steph, he’s not so sure he wants a military life. It’s definitely a coming-of-age story about growing up and having to make decisions you never thought you’d have to make.

Inspiration came from many different places for Soldier On. I was in the mood to write a New Adult novel that actually took place on a college campus, and I really, really wanted to write about a soldier. I didn’t, however, want to write about war, so I decided to make Brandon an ROTC student. I have a close friend whose mother had been battling Alzheimer’s for a while, and my friend had told me that someday, I should write a book about it. I don’t know if she even remembers saying it, but I always remembered it, and that’s where the inspiration for Brandon’s story comes from.

Sydney: I’m fascinated by the fact that you collaborate in your writing. What happens if you disagree on a particular plot point? How do you resolve that issue?

Morgan and Jennifer: Any time we disagree in writing, we each present our individual cases. So far, we’ve been able to hear one another out and come to a solution. We’ve been married for a while now and, over time, we’ve learned how to work through disagreements whether they have anything to with writing or not. The most important is to let one person talk while the other one listens.

Morgan and Jennifer: We’ve noticed that your stories tend to take place within the setting of Appalachia. Can you tell us a bit about why this part of the world is important in your writings?

Sydney: Appalachia is important in my writing because that’s where I was raised (and still live today). I think it’s important to show a side of Appalachia that’s very different from what people may see on television or in the news. Yes, we’re rural, and yes, we have communities that have been destroyed by poverty and meth, but we also have good-hearted, friendly people who are educated, well-read, and truly love living in the country. It’s a beautiful place, and it’s important to me that I showcase that in my stories. That being said, I’m sure I’ll change locales eventually. Soldier On actually takes place in a fictional college town in Indiana, but Brandon, my hero, is from Eastern Kentucky. I just couldn’t leave the mountains completely out of the story. 🙂

Sydney: I know we’re all music lovers. If you could pick three songs for the soundtrack of your lives together, which three would you choose and why?

Morgan and Jennifer: It’s difficult to narrow down to three songs, but here are the ones that came to mind first.

One More Story – Peter Cetera: It’s a song that was Important to us in our youth. Now, the song has a new meaning to us as adults and writers.

World to Me – Huey Lewis & The News: This is officially “our song”. It was chosen early in our relationship, and it was also the song that was played for the first dance at our wedding.

The Swing of Things – a-ha: We have varied musical tastes, but we both love the music of a-ha and agree that this song is one of their best.

Morgan and Jennifer: Which one of your books would you like to see made into a movie and why?

Sydney: Soldier On is so fresh in my mind that my first instinct is to choose that one, but many readers have told me that Lessons Learned “reads” like a movie. Plus, Matt’s story would be very timely and socially relevant.

(Jennifer: Having read Lessons Learned, I agree with my fellow readers! 🙂


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