Exposure Blog Tour: A Slice of Fiction


A Slice of Fiction:

Obviously I love to read; “Have books will travel!” (My Kindle app has eased the pain of sitting at red lights & doctor offices.) For me, reading is an escape into a story that lets me drift away for a short period of time, something that we all need once in a while, and in some cases every day. I like reading various genres but if it’s too farfetched or extremely mushy, it’s not for me. I want to be on the edge of my seat when reading, either from angst or laughter, you know it’s a good book when you are either shaking your Kindle (my poor Kindle) or snaughling (snort/laughing).

Besides reading my other immense passion is music, as in ‘don’t get me started we could be here all day discussing artists’ lover. One of my favorite quotes from a song (Hip Hip Chin Chin by Club Des Belugas) about music and life is, “The Beat, The Driving Force That Holds Our Lives Together.” It speaks volumes, so many volumes that I had it tattooed on me! I have several different play lists that I use for different points of the day, my mood and when I am reading. My all-time favorite artist or albums to listen to are; Ella Fitzgerald, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Justin Nozuka, D’Angelo, The Civil Wars, the soundtrack to the movie W.E. and covers by The Vitamin String Quartet. Listening to music while reading just enhances the book just like the movies, music can just set the scene!

Some of my other interests are (mini dating form here); anything pertaining to the UK (Anglophile in the house!), traveling, art, museums, photography, laughter, sarcasm, tattoos, random facts, and Doctor Who, The Golden Girls and Family Guy. Family & Friends are extremely important to me, they inspire me each day.

I look forward to giving my perception on books I review and to relay author’s or character’s interviews with you, oh, and the music that I like to pair with them! Get your read on!

Get Comfy And Fall Into A Story!

Website: http://asliceoffiction.com/

Twitter:  @ASliceOfFiction

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asliceoffiction

Today’s stop on the blog tour is A Slice of Fiction. We were delighted when Tammy opted to make a promo post on the blog and are honored to have Exposure spotlighted.  Be sure to pop over and wave hello.


If you haven’t given our facebook page a Like, we encourage you to do so.  We’re hosting a 1,000 Likes contest there and as soon as we hit that milestone, one lucky winner will receive a signed paperback of Exposure.  We’re closing in on 700 as I type this so we’re getting close to reaching that goal.

Thanks and Take Care,

Morgan & Jennifer



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