Exclusive Excerpt: Exposure by Morgan & Jennifer Locklear

This morning, Rusty’s Reading posted an new excerpt from Exposure. Enjoy!

Rusty's Reading

‘Exposure’ Exclusive Excerpt

exposure bath tub

David went to the phone and called the front desk to provide a replacement key. Shaunna watched in frustration as he hung up the phone. David’s request had apparently been met with swift agreement and it meant a hasty retreat on his part.
It was only because she was watching his slim, strong shoulders that she realized he was shivering. He wasn’t paranoid, he was freezing.

“You’re cold,” she remarked. “Wait right here.” Shaunna went into the bathroom with a motherly grin on her face. Prior to their pool date, she’d hung several towels over the shower rack where they could be warmed by the heat lamp. It was a trick she learned from her father and the result was a towel that felt like it just came out of the dryer.

Shaunna walked back into the bedroom and right up to David. She plucked his damp…

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