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Pop Talk is the place where we celebrate our favorites in Pop Culture.

February 2014:





Hello again and welcome to another edition of Pop Talk, where we crank up the volume on our music while reading with 3D glasses all while the DVR stores the latest offerings from the idiot box.

I have seldom spoken about it publically, (this is MOG writing) but I have a soft spot for pop duos.  Erasure, Yaz, Tears For Fears, Savage Garden, Capital Cities, Pet Shop Boys, Daft Punk, I love them all.  I can usually tell a pop duo when I hear them and I was convinced that I was hearing one when I picked up the debut album by The 1975, The City, has the energy and emotion of a bubbly duo like Wham!, but alas, there are four fellows in the group.

This is fine by me of course, but I can usually tell these things.  It’s the same with power trios like The Police, The Outfield, Green Day, Nirvana and The Presidents of the United States of America.  Certain line-ups have distinctive sounds that can be recognized.  Any more than four members however, and your guess all goes down to how big their horn section is.

Back to The City. The album begins with a song named for the band, (not the other way around).  It’s a sweeping instrumental that serves mostly to set up the title track. It, like nearly all the songs blaze along with childlike joy reserved for bands like Hello Goodbye and Oingo Boingo.  I particularly like the songs Chocolate, Sex, and Menswear.  If you like your music fun and airy with a dash of lovesick serenades, then you’d be riding the crest of the wave by getting in on the ground floor with The 1975.

The Locklear family also saw The Lego Movie this week, and I would rank it among the finest Pixar-esque films out there.  It was funny enough to make me laugh through half the jokes while maintaining a surprising hold on my empathy for a computer generated Lego man.

From The Lonely Island song, Everything Is Awesome, to the TV show Honey, Where Are My Pants, the Lego world is rich with pokes at our society’s hunger for the asinine.  The action is great, and even though Will Ferrell’s cameo is wonderful, it’s Liam Neeson that stole the show as far as I’m concerned.  The TV ads say it’s the most original movie since Toy Story, and I am not disagreeing. But I think I must have liked A Bug’s Life more than whoever made that bold statement.  It is a great movie for the whole family and worth seeing on the big screen.

Lastly, we are eating up the Olympic coverage with an ice cream scoop.  I get nervous watching the ice skaters, but we have really been getting into the games.  We’re proud of anyone who competes for their country and have been happy to see that the biggest problems there have been murky water and slushy snow. Frankly, it could have been much worse.

Until the next nugget of tasty pop goodness compels me to share more words, farewell friends.



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