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March 2014: Momentum

For the past couple of months, Morgan and I have been editing a manuscript.  This endeavor is a new element in our work together as a team.  Typically, one of us writes and the other edits.  Not this time.  Since we wrote a story together, we must now learn to edit together.

Most of the time it goes well. We lock ourselves away in a room and I read a chapter out loud while Morgan listens.  In this process, we are both able to hone in on errors within the manuscript and address them.  If there are bigger issues to tackle – scenes to be cut or moments to elaborate on – it means we both have to be in agreement on any change.  Even the shuffling of a word or two must be agreed upon, or else one author is unaware of what the other is up to.

Nine times out of ten, these changes are simple. But on occasion one writer wants to mess with something and the other is not so easily convinced.  That’s when things get interesting, and that’s when being locked away in a room together doesn’t always seem like the brightest idea.  And because we’re not just co-authors but also husband and wife, this means disagreements should always be settled before day’s end.


When the tension builds and we need a few minutes to work through a problem, Morgan and I go for a walk.  There is one particular trail we gravitate to, and we’ve spent countless hours there over the past several years. The fresh air and change of scenery always does wonders for us. We tend to break through mental blocks as we walk through the woods, over boardwalks and bridges above a winding creek before ending up on the ocean beach.  It’s become a special place for Morgan and me, and we refer to it simply as Momentum.


Once we set foot on the path, life seems to slow down. More often than not, we’re alone. We hold hands, we smile and recall other days spent walking the same trail. Most importantly of all, we relax. And once we’ve settled our minds, solutions to our writing dilemmas present themselves. Usually an hour is more than enough time to work out the pressing issues of the day.

We’re still in the throes of editing, and I’m happy to say that Morgan and I are feeling good, not only about the progression we’re making with the manuscript but about how much we’ve grown as a writing team.  Although there have been a few passionate flare ups from time to time (remind me to share the story about when I almost kicked Morgan out of a car in the middle of nowhere over the suggested premature death of one of my most beloved characters), Morgan and I agree that our time spent writing together has only strengthened our marriage.  Together, we’ve found an activity that gives us both great joy, challenges our ways of thinking and even gets us out of the house for a bit of physical exercise.

During the next few weeks, Morgan and I will have some new and wonderful things to share.  We hope to see you here and that you’ll enjoy some momentum along with us.

Until then…

Take care,




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